Complete of Recordings Stanislav Yovanovitch from 1973 to the Present Day


VL CD 0102  Royal Concerts 1989 Beethoven, and Liszt
 Live Recordings from the Historic concert.

 CD 1

 Ludwig Van Beethoven

 Sonata Op 111.
 Sonata Op 57 The Appasionata
 Sonata Op 27 Moonlight
 Andante Favori

 CD 2

 Franz Liszt

 Sonata in B Minor
 Petrarca Sonetto No 123
 Benediction De Dieu Dans Le Solitude
 Un Sospiro
 Harmonie Du Soir


VL CD 03  Sampler : Recordings from 1973 to 2003


 Sergei Rachmaninov

 Prelude op 10 in B Flat (1990)
 Etude Tableaux in A Minor (1975)
 Ludwig Van Beethoven

 Sonata Opus 101 (First Movement 1995)
 Frederic Chopin

 Polonaise No 1 (2003)
 Claude Debussy

 Pagodes from Estampes (2003)
 Franz Liszt

 Consolation in D Flat (2000)
 Transcendental Etude No 11 (2000)
 Benediction (1989)

 Isoldes Liebestod from “Tristan” (2002)


VL CD 04  Ludwig Van Beethoven
 (See also Disc 01, Royal Concerts 1989)


 Ludwig Van Beethoven

 Op 101 (1995)
 Waldstein Sonata
 Op 49
 Sonata Pathetique


VL CD 05  Frederic Chopin


 Frederic Chopin

 Polonaise C# Minor (1992)
 Polonaise in A Flat major No 5 “Heroic”
 Waltz Op 27 No 1 F Minor
 Waltz Op 27 No 2 D Flat
 Fantasy Impromptu
 Mazurka Op 33 in B Minor
 Mazurka in G Major Op 33
 Nocturne in F Major
 Nocturne in A Flat Op 27
 Mazurka Op 50 G sharp Minor
 Nocturne in C Minor
 Nocturne in A Flat Op 15
 Scherzo No 3 C Sharp Minor


VL CD 06  Frederic Chopin


 Frederic Chopin

 Nocturne Op 27 No 2 D Flat (1979)
 Nocturne Op 27 No 1 C# Minor (1979)
 Polonaise No 4 C Minor (2003)
 Bacarolle (1978)
 Etude C# Minor (1982)
 Revolutionary Etude (2002)
 Etude F Major (1995)
 Etude A Flat (2002)
 Ballade No 3 (1997)
 Mazurka B Flat Minor (1977)
 Polonaise D Minor #4 (1997)


VL CD 07  Claude Debussy / Maurice Ravel


Claude Debussy

 Image “Bells heard from across a meadow”
 Image “Temple of Qui Fut”
 Suite Bergamasque, Gardens in the Rain
 Suite Bergamasque, Claire De Lune
 Prelude, Danses Du Delphes
 Prelude, “Voiles”
 Estampes, Pagodes
 Maurice Ravel

 Gaspard de La Nuit


VL CD 08  Franz Liszt
 (See also Disc 2, Royal Concerts 1989 CD0102)  


Franz Liszt

 Consolation No 3 in D Flat (1996)
 Petrarca Sonnetto 47 from Italy,
   Years of Travel
 Petrarca Sonnetto 104
 Petrarca Sonnetto 123
 Vallee D’Obermann
 Waldesrauschen Concert Etude
 Sposalizio from Italy, years of travel
 Cantique D’Amour


VL CD 09  Franz Liszt


Franz Liszt

 Complete Transcendental Etudes (12)
 Consolation No3 in D Flat
   (Live Performance)



VL CD 10  Franz Liszt


Franz Liszt

 Polonaise in E Flat (1975)
 Invocation (1976)
 Dante Sonata (1979)
 Fountains of Villa D’Este (2002)
 Apparitions No 1 (2002)

 Isoldes Leibestod from “Tristan” (2003)


VL CD 11  Sergei Rachmaninov


 Sergei Rachmaninov

 Sonata No 2 (1978) and various years
 Preludes Op 22 in C Sharp, B Flat,
   D Major,  G Minor, Op 32 in G Major,
   G Sharp  
 Etude Tableaux A Minor (Red Riding
   Hood And the Wolf), and A Minor #3
 Etude Tableaux “Appassionato” E Flat
 Moment Musical D Flat
 Etude Tableaux C Minor #7  


VL CD 12  Alexander Scriabin


 Alexander Scriabin

 Six Preludes (1 through 6) (1981)
 Black Mass Sonata #9
 Etudes 1 through 4
 Etude Op 2
 Sonata No 5 (1997)
 Guirlandes Op 73
 Dark Flame Op 74
 Fantasia in B Minor (1975)


VL CD 13  Franz Schubert


 Franz Schubert

 Moment Musical C Major, A Flat, F Minor
   A Flat Major (1994)
 Impromptu Op 90 C Major, G Flat, A Flat.
 Impromptu Op 142 F Minor, A Flat, B Flat
 Landler (German Dances) (1974)


VL CD 14  Robert Schumann


 Robert Schumann

 Fantasy (Three Movements) (2001)
 Des Abends (1985)
 Romance No 1 (2001)
 Romance No 2


VL CD 15  Various Composers from a recital on
 June 22nd 2003 in California


 Ludwig Van Beethoven

 Sonata Appassionata Op 57
 Frederic Chopin

 Polonaise No 1 C Sharp Minor
 Polonaise No 4 C Minor
 G Major Mazurka
 Polonaise in A Major (Military)
 Franz Liszt

 Petrarca Sonnetto 104
 Consolation in D Flat
 Claude Debussy

 “Image” Bells Heard from a Meadow
 “Image” Temple of Qui Fut
 Gardens in the Rain
 Claire De Lune
 Prelude, Voiles
 Estampes, Pagodes
 Josef Haydn

 Sonata No 62 E Flat with spoken
 introduction from a Radio New Zealand
 Broadcast in 1973